Penisman – Georgian Superhero

Penisman – a new superhero, who lives in Tbilisi and doesn’t give a crap. Two young Georgians who admired superheroes as kids and created parody of superhero as they entered teenage years, talk about it in today’s guest-post.

15-years-old Giorgi Chilaia (A.K.A. Onavari Taro) and 14-years-old Bachi/Jano Valishvili (A.K.A. Otara), two friends, living in Saburtalo neighborhood, whose pastime is recording music, with the help of a couple other friends, whoever’s available at the moment, announced a band called The Sxvites. Name has its own history, just as silly and, as they say stupid, as many of their lyrics and videos.
The Sxvites rock!
They love Tenacious D (you could tell), sometimes play in the streets, they fool around, come up with absolutely politically incorrect, naughty, offensive lyrics, still funny and yet not so abrasive.
Giorgi started blogging about two years ago, has followers and blogroll, links and comments, in other words – properly set up blog.
Different is their few months-old videoblog called TViuri, which also can be translated as “periods” in Georgian. It doesn’t have any links, any blogroll, anything else other than The Sxvites videos and Archive, even has nothing to do with periods, except probably one song about Mother of Georgia’s (statue) periods.
They say, many do not understand their humor, there are more of those people who do not like them, then those, who like. Although a poll on Giorgi’s personal blog, what kind of content the visitors would like to see, most people, 32 percent say, they want The Sxvites.
Yeah, no doubt, they are funny, can laugh at themselves, at others, at stereotypes, even at Superheroes and at the same time be winners at countrywide competitions in different school subjects or television games, be interested in studying psychiatry, etc.
What’s next in their blogging life? They don’t know – cause they, like their Superhero Penisman “don’t give a crap.”
But they deserve more comments and support on their blog. Cause they are different from other teen bloggers, whose blogs are mostly Emo and never so funny. The Sxvites are superheroes of online TV entertainment, not because of the dirty language or arrogance, but because of tasteful use of it and their self-deprecating humor.