Kazuri – small and beautiful

Just because I have some nice photos and because this is a place, where over 400 single Kenyan women create small and beautiful ceramic jewelry, I decided to share it. Well, at least next time you see somewhere in the US or UK or else small store called Kazuri, which in Swahili means “small and beautiful,” you will know who makes these colorful beads.

Kazuri produces over 5 million beads a year and exports them to over 30 countries worldwide and can be ordered online, just search for them.

While visiting this place, guides take you on tour showing the whole process from very beginning to the end product – beads in the store. Get a short tour with the photos…

These beads are just cut and waiting to go to women who will color and make them shiny

After getting these flowers out of forms, women still need to clean them and make more beautiful

These buffaloes are also handmade like everything else in Kazuri, later they will become dark blue and shiny

These giraffes look still naked, missing their spots

Decorating plate, all by hand

Coloring one by one, all by hand, 5 million a year...