TEDx Kibera

Mikel and Erica went to Nairobi about three months ago to map a huge, in fact, second large slum in Africa after Soweto, with the population of over one million. Here’s what their project website says:

“Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya, widely known as Africa’s largest slum, remains a blank spot on the map. Without basic knowledge of the geography and resources of Kibera it is impossible to have an informed discussion on how to improve the lives of residents. This November, young Kiberans create the first public digital map of their own community.”

I was lucky to meet some of the mappers and some other community leaders working in Kibera at TEDx Kibera in December. Mikel also talked there about MapKibera, social meaning of mapping, also about Voice of Kibera – community media news aggregator from Kibera built on Ushahidi and MapKibera. Here’s a part of his talk.