Kiloran Cottage

Kiloran cottage, Nairobi

That’s the name of lovely place I’m staying at with Mikel and Erica and Jeff, quite expensive, $30 per night, but also pretty good deal as they say. And it’s totally worth this money. Hangin out in a colorful garden in front of the cottage, drinking coffee and enjoying sun, getting some tan, which is particularly exciting after freezing Tbilisi. Sorry, pictures will have to come later, when I get access to cheaper internet connection, which is not the case with GPRS modem.

Besided Erica’s amazing rubber animal-toys made from recycled flip-flops, yesterday’s highlights include lovely dinner with Kipp and Happee and Philip – kind of mini reunion of India camp – good to be togeher again.

Looking forward to the walk to the market and screening of 10 Tactics in matatu tonight!

Erica's lovely collection

Flip-flop hippo

and a silly zebra in a necklace