Social media hasn’t come to understanding what Putin meant at former PM’s, Tbilisi-born Evgeny Primakov’s 80’s birthday celebration dinner, when he toasted that “the issue of reunification of Georgia is solvable” and that Primakov will take care of it.
The news that broke on Tuesday caused quite a big debate on Facebook and Forum, probably just like in the same birthday party.
Window on Eurasia tells details of the party described by’s Bozhena Rynska, who also mentions that this mysterious phrase turned out to be puzzling for the audience in the room, the room where many had Georgian roots, names, family as well as long-time very close relations with Russia. Some of them concluded that Putin had said that he would return everything to Georgia, others heard that he meant that all that Russia considers belongs to Russia will remain with them and as long as Georgia stays put and obedient Russian will be very cooperative and kind, and skeptics concluded that what Putin meant was the restoration in a new form of the Soviet Union.
Haven’t come across any blogposts in Georgian about it, however Cyxymi posted the whole article and caused heated debates among Livejournal users. Some of them had doubts about the credibility of the story, said it could be a hoax, but this suggestion couldn’t be neither supported, nor denied by any other sources.So the debates went on and it was interesting to observe the difference between discussion on Livejournal comments, where Russian-speaking Georgia-supporters (not necessarily Georgians maybe) were arguing against Putin-supporters (also not necessarily non-Georgians), which also was a case on, but the dominant feeling of users on Livejournal was that Putin’s words couldn’t mean anything positive for Georgia and he definitely didn’t mean reunification of Georgia, while many on Tbilisi forum interpreted it as an indication that Abkhazia and South Ossetia would return under the jurisdiction of Georgia.
Some more interesting points were made in Facebook comments, where one of the long-time freelance journalists, Zviad Koridze noted that the harm Russia wanted to do and has already done to Georgian people is that we don’t want to take responsibility for our lives, don’t care of elections, voting and many of us rather leave it up to Putin, Primakov and others to decide for us. “it doesn’t matter whether Nani Bregvadze will sing for Putin and Primakov or not. What’s more important, that Russia was trying to create an irresponsible society and it achieved this goal,” he says and others agree.
Could be a little bit of the same issue the fact, that the largest part of Georgian blogosphere didn’t touch this issue at all unfortunately and what we could’ve read on forum was either aggression towards Putin, towards Russia and Russia-supporters.
I finally saw the documentary by Andrei Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya, “Russian lessons” yesterday, while I was still perplexed with the thoughts of what’s Putin’s plan for “after-party”. I actually am surprised at the reaction of some Georgians and expectations that not only after seeing what war does to people, but especially hearing again and seeing the pictures from what Russia did to its kids, Russian citizens, in Beslan, how could anyone possibly misinterpret Putin’s cynicism and think that he decided upon reunification and now Primakov will bring back to us Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
Irresponsibility has grown into stupidity indeed.