Baku’s one of the regional courts sentenced the bloggers Emin Milli to 2.5 years and Adnan Hajizade to 2 years of imprisonment on charge of hooliganism on November 11.
If for many different reasons you haven’t heard of the whole story that was extensively covered by Global Voices, or if you wish to support, you could do it on the support blog.
The court case#EminAdnan coincided with World blogging Forum, which made a statement of support for #EminAdnan.
You could probably also support by spreading a word/tweets with #EminAdnan hashtag, re-posting, trascribing or translating in any known to you languages, appearances of Parvana Persiani, youth movement activist and campaigner for Azeri bloggers, who spoke at the WBF panel. She was on Kosmoshow day before the trial, was also interviewed by Global Voices’ Onnik Krikorian on the first and second day I believe.
Although the trial was not the hottest topic for absolute majority of the Georgian social media contributors, still having couple bloggers (Dodka and Cyxymi) representing Georgia at the WBF2009, helped to interest few others in here.
All day Dodka was tweeting from WBF about the case. Later Giga Paichadze aka Dv0rsky retweeted and posted about it also blaming Georgian media “that is fighting for freedom of expression and does not notice” such a big event next door, however some links in comments indicated that media has covered the trial and arrest of Azeri bloggers. One of the links came from Tazo, Freelandia author, who did one of the longest posts explaining background, current situation and also mentioning of some activist talking about protesting in front of Azerbaijan Embassy in Tbilisi. He published this story in Rezonance daily as well.